The list of participants as well as the list with the ranking of the replacements have been finalized and can be viewed here on the SGP event page.

There you will also find interesting information about the respective pilots.



Our first answer: "Hm, good question..."

Grand Prix glider racing is the toughest, most exciting and thrilling form of gliding competition. The Grand Prix can best be compared to a sailing regatta. The pilots are given new tasks every day during a week. The tasks can cover a distance of up to 300 km and require great skills and concentration. The pilots must use all available tactical means to gain a time advantage over their competitors. Every race begins with the opening of the starting line. Then an exciting spectacle begins when all participants fly almost as one over the starting line. Each pilot then chooses its own route in order to reach the mandatory points of the course as quickly as possible and cross the finish line. The first pilot to cross the finish line is the winner of the task. That is the crucial difference to a classic gliding championship.

As you can see from the SGP graphic, there are a total of 9 venues worldwide. Why are there just 9?

This is directly related to the number of participants in the SGP. Each SGP event, whether qualification or final, is carried out with a maximum of 20 participants. This means that for each qualification the 2 participants are determined who are allowed to take part in the final. The FAI (FÉDÉRATION AÉRONAUTIQUE INTERNATIONALE), as the organizer of the final (World Cup), reserves the right to award one or two “wildcards”.

The reason why there are only 20 participants is due to the fundamental considerations of this gliding competition format.

  • Fast and exciting tasks
  • Maximum transparency for viewers
  • Live broadcast of each daily task via the SGP YouTube channel with moderation by experts (siehe: als Beispiel).
  • The departure takes place as the start of a regatta, i.e. everyone flies over the departure line at the same time when it opens.
  • The departure line is 5 km, significantly shorter than in normal competitions (20 km).
  • The daily tasks are placed in the best thermal time of the competition day in order to enable the fastest possible race with many route variations for the pilots. Usually the tasks are between 150 – 300 km.
  • In order to take the safety aspect into account, the number of participants is limited to 20 pilots.
  • Another aspect is to equalize the performance of the aircraft by specifying a maximum wing loading for the competition class. In our competition it is 48kg/m².
  • There is a finish line right at the airfield to provide spectators with the flyover experience.
  • All in all, these rules mean: Whoever gets home first wins the day.
  • The scoring takes place in Grand Prix format: the winner receives 10 points, the second place receives 8 points, provided that at least 9 pilots complete the task.
  • If pilots make mistakes during the flight, they will be punished with time penalties that will be added to the flight time.

There are a few more definitions in the rules that you are welcome to read for yourself ( or on our competition homepage:

These will definitely be exciting competition days in Elchingen.



Now it's official: The registration deadline for the SGP in Aalen-Elchingen is February 15, 2024.

Our Ostalb GP for double-seaters will take place parallel to the official FAI Sailplane Grand Prix in the standard and racing classes.

Rules: same rules as the official Grand Prix, with a maximum wing load of 50kg/m² and a 2% handicap for flap gliders. Pretty analogous to the official FAI/IGC competition.

14 airplanes will be allocated.

The registration deadline here is February 29, 2024.

How can you register for this? According to the motto: “First come, first served” quickly send an email to wettbewerb(at) and please state your name, the name of your co-pilot and the aircraft type. You will then receive a confirmation from us including a registration form and further information. If the competition is already full, you will receive a corresponding confirmation for the waiting list with a registration form. You can also fly with a changing team! The result of the competition will also be reported to the FAI and counts for the global ranking if you fly with a permanent crew.

The preliminary list of registered competition pilots could be found on the SGP homepage in the German venue event.

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