Registration for official SGP 12 Germany venue closed.

Registration deadline for two-seater GP:  February 29, 2024


Testimonials by Competition pilots

"The scale and diversity of the tasks to be accomplished is often not visible from the outside when everything is working efficiently, and in this respect, it can be said that this championship was a model of organisational efficiency."

Philippe Lata
Pilot of the French junior gliding team invited to the German national junior Championship, 2023



26 February 2024

The list of participants as well as the list with the ranking of the replacements have been finalized and can be viewed here on the SGP event page. There you will also find interesting information...

19 February 2024

Our first answer: "Hm, good question..." Grand Prix glider racing is the toughest, most exciting and thrilling form of gliding competition. The Grand Prix can best be compared to a sailing regatta....

08 February 2024

Our Ostalb GP for double-seaters will take place parallel to the official FAI Sailplane Grand Prix in the standard and racing classes. Rules: same rules as the official Grand Prix, with a maximum...

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